How do you track performance of multiple accounts

Currently, the collective performance is tracked under the Long Bias Composite which represents the cumulative change to a $1000 investment in such a strategy (net-of-fees), and compared to the S&P500 as well as Russell 1000.

For more information or access to firm performance, please contact us.

Do you invest in bonds

Bonds are not excluded as an asset class, but their use is primarily driven by investor preferences and needs. For cash management solutions, we do consider treasury bills and high quality corporate bonds.

What kind of securities do or positions do you avoid

Penny or thinly traded stocks – we try to steer clear of thinly traded stocks or penny stocks with too small a market cap. This effectively cuts off stocks that are less than $5/share unless we feel we have a clear edge in terms of public, material information.

We tend to avoid taking positions in companies that create highly controversial products/services, or engage in predatory practices.

We do not sell options naked. This applies to other combination strategies that have unlimited loss profiles. We hedge our positions one way or another when it comes to short selling.

Is there anytime you are not invested 100%

Portfolios will not be 100% invested all the time. Cash management policies (less than one year) may be applied for such scenarios. This is especially true when additional funds are received in an existing portfolio, or when we are getting ready before staking a significant position. For such purposes, we invest in a mix of US T-bills, government bonds and corporate notes that are high quality or investment grade.

What kind of companies are you bullish on

We look for three things in companies that we are bullish on:

It is our firm belief that companies that exhibit desirable traits in any less than all of the above cannot sustain growth and be successful in the long run. What makes equity investments challenging is the amount of subjectivity that goes into estimating the effects of these factors – and therein lies the opportunity.